Better Care.
Better Patient Outcomes.
Better Results.

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We provide the best clinical care to the residents we serve while mastering the regulatory and reimbursement systems within which we operate.
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Clinical Programs,
Pathways and Outcomes
Resident-Centered Care
Functional Outcomes
Clinical Care Protocols 
Specialized Programs
- Dementia Management
- Restorative Nursing
- Fall Prevention
- Gait and Transfer  Training
- ADL Re-training
- Incontinence Management
- Seating and Positioning
- Swallowing Disorders Management
- Cognitive Retraining
- Home Safety Assessments
- LIFE Wellness 
- Therapeutic Aquatics
- Outpatient Services and Community Re-integrations
Outcome Tracking
Patient outcomes are tracked utilizing the C.A.R.E. (Continuity Assessment Record & Evaluation) tool for all facilities

Clients have real-time access to outcomes

Outcome reports may be customized to meet individual client needs
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Electronic Records
Choice of two therapy software systems:
Casamba 5459c0e8378e1208620cda17652078f2cdf3d1a8e9c980e0e8b6f416698861e9Optima 6fa8902f4ea6db31d0f899d7dfae6f0a4850063a61ee1e43ef37cf308616513e
Interfaces with facility software
24/7 Client access to therapy documentation
Valuable Marketing Analytics
Avalere Health Vantage Care Positioning 
CMS Data File
Nursing Home Compare
Facility Scorecards
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Quality and Compliance
Documentation audits compared with
national benchmarks

Stringent HIPAA and security controls

Continuous quality improvement
and education
Improving the experience of care

Improving the health of populations we serve

Working in the continuum to decrease per capita costs
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